What we treasure . . .

Fine China

Whisper-thin and incredibly delicate, fine china dishes instantly transform a table into a beautiful and elegant landscape. We know this from holiday dinners at our grandparents’ house when we gazed longingly from the kids’ table! Do you have any fine china yourself?

Throw Pillows

Although you may not realize it, throw pillows add a lot to most living spaces. They make  rooms more accessorized, cozier and more inviting.

Asian Décor

How did sitting Buddhas become such a ubiquitous element in California homes, regardless of homeowners’ religious persuasions? The figure has become visual shorthand for Zen décor and the serenity of soothing interior design.

Garden Décor

Uniquely designed garden décor will lend an air of sophistication and spirituality to your home. Simple and elegant, yard art and garden décor make lasting and durable statements.

Designer Clothing

For some people, fashion is a large part of identity—a pivotal ingredient in presenting themselves to the world. Like a nice car, an expensive house or fine jewelry, the right clothes can speak volumes. But what if you’re intent on making a certain statement, while your wallet is intent on shutting you up? Do you fantasize about a Dolce and Gabbana dress?

Well there’s no need to despair. It is possible to appease both your keen fashion sense and your bank account. Shop La Boheme daily and you may find designer clothes and fashion accessories at the smallest fraction of retail cost.

and don’t forget your man . . .

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